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So I went and bought myself a tablet today.  I'm loving it.  Just have to get use to using it.  It already feels better then using a mouse.
It's a strange feeling. I was working so well on Evil the Penguin Overlord comic for a while now.  I know the only reason I was even working on it was because the actual project I was doing was working on (which was another web comic).

However now I've lost all my drive to work on Evil, because the main reason I hit a slump with the other comic ended when I realized what my problem was.  I was forcing the Pirate part of the comic strip.  Once I removed the pirate element and replaced it with simple mercenaries (and after a nice big chunk of a rewrite) the story seemed to fit a thousand times better.

Now I'm confused.  How do I actually work on two comics at the same time? Should I make one that updates like two/three times a week and the other only once every other week?  Should I stop the one comic all together and leave it dead?
3 months later, and despite being lucky enough to have been given a space to live (I sleep in the corner of a living room with all my stuff still in boxes) and having a full time job. I haven't been able to save up for a new computer of my own yet.  I'm still paying to many medical bills and fixing problems with my car that I just can't save enough.

This really sucks.
My last computer died so I'm stuck without a computer at all for a while.  So no internet for me, how sad. I'll just be playing playstation and xbox or what ever until I can get a new computer.
Ok so yesterday it occurred to me that I haven't seen my little buddy in a while.  My little buddy being my big fat cat Azreal.  He is an indoor/outdoor cat so letting him outside and not seeing him for a while is normal.  However it has been over a week now since I've seen him last.  Azreal normally is home at least once a day.  So I may have to face the fact that he might not be coming home ever again, and that I have lost my kitty whom has been with me for something like 8 years.
Sorry folks, I'm still alive.  Have not done a damn thing though XD
I just want to thank those of you who sent me some money (or got commissions from RaeRae) they helped out a lot.  Though it was only a few of you, it was perfect timing to keep things running until I could move.

I'm now living with my friends.  I can't thank them enough for taking me in.  Now I just have to continue my job hunt and get money flowing into my account again.  

Oh and I'll be working again on my art very soon.  Starting first with completing the promised artwork for Sythra
My bank account is all screwed up somehow, and over drafted me 5 times despite having deposited $300 into it.  Which cuts me down to almost nothing, with zero income.  I'm arguing with the bank over it (or will be when the open since it is only 5am at the moment), but I doubt I can win because of lack of evidence other then their own website...

I'm desperate now for any help that anyone can give me.  My account was frozen on Saturday, until this morning (Tuesday) since my card was my only way to pay for anything, I haven't had anything to eat since Saturday.  I have been looking for work for a while now, but with my closeness to a high school and all the layoffs and plant closings in the area, it has been extremely difficult.  My biggest fear though, is that my pet food is running low too. I'll starve myself for a while before I let them go hungry.

Those who know me, know I have no trouble mentioning my problems, but in the same respect I do have trouble asking for help. I need it too badly to not ask now, I have no other options available to me. So all I can say is, Please.  Please help me if you can.
Some of you know that my good computer died a few days ago.  I've asked many questions and explained everything I could to computer geek friends and the Power Supply Unit (psu) was what everyone came to believe it was.  One even had me sniff the psu to see if it gave off a sweet smell.  It did in fact. I was then told it was the psu and that it blew the capacitor.  After looking up the psu online I learned that this particular model actually has problems with it's capacitors after a while (cheaper parts).

It will cost me about $100 to get a new one shipped to me($130 if I do next day XD ) but a $20 mail in rebate comes with it.  I really really wish I didn't pack my scanner now, as now I can't even offer to do commissions to make the money I desire for a new psu.

Til I get it fixed I get to use the old stand-by computer that has trouble playing videos online XD
I'm packing up to move very soon.  Which has been a bit of a hassle since I've already packed up a lot of my stuff, such as my scanner and all of my video game stuff.  pretty much the only things not packed are the computer and tv. ok I still have a lot more to pack, but what I'm trying to say is my scanner is in one of these boxes somewhere and I don't know which one yet.
It seems I'm about to hit 10,000 page views here on DA.  Considering my old silly sprite comic netted me over 900,000 views in less time I'm not really impressed.  But then again I haven't been posting art in well forever. so it's not really a surprise.  

How about I make something for the person who catches that 10,000th page view.  anything that's allowed on DA I'll do my best to make for them.

So what have I been up to.  Well... Star Wars Galaxies MMO, Age of Conan MMO, goofing off, looking for a new job since I lost my old one.  Planning to move in with my two friends after they get their house. avoiding losing my house and killing my noisy neighbors.  Not working on art like I should.

I stopped working on my sprite comic. I stopped writing a novel I had started working on (wrote about 10 chapters).  I can explain why I stopped in one quick two work statement.  It Sucked.
I formatted my hard drive once more and reinstalled all my programs.  Or most of them anyway...

I had lost my Photoshop disk for a while, I found it (about an hour ago before typing this).

My scanner isn't working just yet, I still have to find the disk for it.  But once I do I have a couple of sketches I did to upload.  Just simple things (yeah like I'm a great artist XD )

My computer is however running a whole lot faster then it was so I'm happy enough for now.  Sadly my second computer does not work at all anymore.
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If you own a DS it's great news anyway.  I do have one and this is something I've been waiting for forever now!  Chrono Trigger on the DS!!

I think I have my Christmas present picked out.
I don't know what to say.  My financial problems are growing by the boat load.  My back is killing me slowly.  My friends are busy and it makes it hard to talk to them.  My family and I never really connected so that I can talk to them.  And now my girlfriend of 4 years has broken up with me.

I just need the house taken from me or my car and everything with just be super...
Last night at work something fun happened.  I was taking the empty gray totes back to the area they belong in another area.  I dropped them off in the middle of the area like I'm supposed to, when suddenly the wall of containers comes crashing down.  These containers are not the little gray totes I was pushing, but massive containers that each weight around 100 lbs.  

One container in particular landed on my back and smashed me into the side of a table before being thrown off.

I fell to the ground and laid there for a while before the paramedics came and put me on a stretcher and took me to the hospital.

After several x-rays (of which I nearly fainted during) they told me that I have fractured Ribs.

Joy of joys.  My chest is also covered in bruises and scraps from it all.  But the fractures ribs is the worst part of it all.   I'll be doing some recovering here. A couple days of laying around not doing anything will be nice, but boring.
You might have guessed from the title.  I have my heat again!

Yep, Hot water and a Warm house.  I'm much happier now.

Now to just fix my budget T_T
Update Number 2...

I spent $110 to fix the line as some of you know.  Then today the Gas company came out and repaired the service line as well as took the gas meter outside.

They tested the service line and of course the new one is working now.  They tested the House lines (the ones I replaced) and they worked perfectly.

However there was still a leak...  It's both the Furnace and the Water heater...  Which means I have to do something about them now before I get heat and hot water again...  *sigh*
Ok, so I got a bunch of estimates on checking and fixing my gas line so I can kind of have hot water and heat in my house again.

Lowest one was $275...

So I looked at the line myself then went to the store.  I estimate it will cost around $100-150 to replace all the lines myself.

So I started that. as of 1 o'clock today all the old pipes have been removed.  Go me!

You might be asking yourself, "why would he have waited so long and done so much if he knows how to do that stuff"  My answer is a follows.  

I have no idea why I did that to myself.

UPDATE:  The gas line is now completed.  It cost me a grand total of $110 to replace all the pipes.  It took about 10 hours of work (not knowing what you are doing helps to lengthen the time you work XD )
Not so great, I didn't get the loan. Not even a tiny bit of it.  I even found out I that I owe money on my old car that I haven't had in 3 years. I never heard anything about it until now and it's been killing my credit score this whole time because I haven't paid it.

I called and asked for the information, and I'll be asking a lawyer about it first, before I'm sure I'll have to pay it XD.

I did get my home owner insurance though, which is nice, because it's almost $1000 cheaper then it was.  My car insurance changed as well to the same company though I only saved like $10 on that.
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So I've been trying to find new home owners insurance for a while.  What has stopped me from gaining this issuance easily?  My dog, Penny.  You see, Penny is part Chow Chow (not full blood but noticeably Chow).  American Family Insurance doesn't allow Chow Chows, even mix breeds with a tiny bit Chow in them,  Nationwide hasn't called me back after I asked about the Chow (I want to be legal you know).

I found an Insurance company today that said it was ok to have a part chow as long as she has never bit anyone before.  So yeah!   However I won't know all the information until tomorrow. But with what I'm currently paying for home owners insurance is astronomical.  The only reason I have them is they never came out to check what I had they just insured it without question (for the price, I don't think they cared).

The Great news of this, is if they can give me a good deal, the insurance that was just paid out by my current company, will be given back to me (the difference between the two anyway).  There is a possible huge decrease in my mortgage each month, or the money comes back to me directly. I'm not entirely sure how it works from the guy's brief explanation, but it sounded good to me.

The ever better news? I'm checking into getting a home equity loan (basically tap into my own equity on the house). If the house is appraised for the amount estimated, I may be able to get about $17,000 from the house to pay my credit cards and fix up things.  I don't even need that much so It works great for me.

So cross your fingers,  Pray (if that's what you do), Sacrifice a goat, what ever, Just hope I get all this done, Then my Financial problems will be gone soon.

The option of having a roommate is on the table still for anyone, especially those whom I've already asked.
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